Features & services

Vizual contains unlimited possibilities through it’s features and services. Discover them all below!


Full Q&A functionality including the option to anonymise, approve, archive or display questions. This tool can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Users can also like questions so they can be answered by rank.


Ask questions to your audience and get instant feedback. Use the moderation Tool to activate polls, show results or hide them again. Also includes the option to do a poll two times (before and after a talk) and compare results.


Chat with other viewers in 1-to-1 conversations or groups.

Centralized homepage

Get a centralized overview of all upcoming or passed sessions.

Unlimited session pages

Got an event with 153 sessions? No problem, there's not limit to our platform.

Customizable branding

Integrate your own logo, banner and color scheme to make the platform fully yours.

Custom videoplayers

Want to stream to facebook, youtube or a custom player instead of our default one? Anything can be embedded in the platform without a problem.

Link to external destinations

Link to a Zoom, Teams, Google Meet meeting or even your own website as a remote location.

Pre-registration + calendar integration

Give attendees or viewers the option to pre-register. This gives you the option to send out mailings or get a general idea of how many people will attend the event.

Customizable registration form

Need more information about your viewers then the default name and mailadres? We can add custom fields based on your needs.

Extensive data reports

At the end of the event we can deliver reports with all the data you need. Viewing numbers, viewing time / viewer, Q&A questions, Polling answers, ... are all included.

Green key integration

The platform houses a functionality that allows you to integrate Q&A Questions or polling answers as a green key input in your vision mixer. This way your event presenter or panelists can interact with results or questions as they arrive.

Return screen integration

Display Q&A questions or polling answers on a tv screen, ipad, ... in your venue.

Downloadable content

Give viewers the option to download content. (e.g. presentation slides, sponsor information, ...)

Sponsor integration

Display sponsor logos next to the videoplayer that link to their website and track how many people click on it.

Event announcement mailing

Send emails to pre-registered users through our platform. Announce your event or thank them for participating!

Participation certificates

Give an automatically generated certificate to your attendees based on how long they attended the virtual event as a downloadable pdf including their personal name.

Viewers support helpdesk

Got a big event coming up with a lot of viewers that are not tech-savvy? We can integrate a live support helpdesk in the platform that's accesible by phone or email.

Personalized domainname

By default your event will be hosted on a EVENTNAME.live-events.live domainname. Would you rather have EVENTNAME.COM? We've got you covered!

Support on-site

Our team of trained streaming engineers will help you broadcast your event in perfect quality with all our platform functionalities.

Host on-demand sessions

Got an event that needs to be viewable for a certain time after it has ended? On-demand hosting is by default integrated in the platform.